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Priscilla and Tiama Hanson-Drury Build a Longer Table

In this episode, host Priscilla McKinney talks with Tiama Hanson-Drury, Executive Vice President of Product and EVP Partner for Diversity and Inclusion at Dynata. They discuss the creation of customer-centric products and solutions, including a mindset shift that Tiama utilizes to create products that walk the line between being bespoke and being reusable. Priscilla and Tiama discuss their involvement with and appreciation for Women In Research, and Tiama tells about her work with diversity and inclusion with Dynata:

“Diversity and inclusion drives better ideas in the room. It drives better voices at the table. It drives better ways of looking at a way to solve a problem, or even saying, ‘Hey guys, you’re focusing on the wrong problem. The real issue is over here.’”


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