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    Priscilla Gets a Taste of Qualitative Research with Liz Van Patten

    Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, and Liz Van Patten, an accomplished qualitative researcher. Her experience discovering marketing insights for companies, advertising agencies, governments, and industry groups for more than 25 years has honed her skills in marketing research. They discuss the difference between qualitative and qualitative research and how they fit into concept testing/development, understanding path-to-purchase and decision-making, new product development, positioning development, communications research, and social media listening. 

    As an early adopter of online qualitative research methods, Liz is an acknowledged expert in the use of asynchronous approaches such as online discussion forums, insight communities, in-depth interviews, online diaries, mobile interviews, and as well as real-time methods including webcam and text based online focus groups.

    Liz's journey has run the gamut from handling focus groups with six year olds, to examining the effectiveness of copy on national brand campaigns. They discuss some of the more interesting branding and packaging work. They discuss the role of marketing research to truly deliver to brands meaningful discoveries and even get nitty gritty into some tools such as projective techniques to truly find out what people think about brands, services, projects, logos, and more. They also discuss the blocks small companies have with accessing qualitative research along with the dangers of DIY models for consumer surveys. 

    Original theme music by the illustrious Leighton Cordell.

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