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Priscilla Gets into Serial Entrepreneur World with Greg Shugar

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, as she interviews Greg Shugar, serial entrepreneur and prolific writer. He, along with his wife Gina started Tie Bar in 2004 in true entrepreneurial fashion. They built the business from the ground up, starting alone in their basement with no employees. Over the next 9 years, they grew their brand and their business, employing 55 employees. Having sold the majority share to a private equity firm in 2013, Greg sheds a little light on his newest venture, Thread Experiment, the only brand in the world dedicated to the design of masculine bedding. 

They discuss what it truly means to disrupt the market and the opportunities that are out there when you develop the entrepreneurial mindset. Believe it or not, there was a day when going directly to e-commerce was just not done. They revisit his journey discussing the difference between obstacles in 2008 as opposed to the challenges we face now in 2017. He shares some of their best wins and most hard-won lessons. 

Be sure to connect with Greg on LinkedIn here and get wow'd with the masculine bedding options at Thread Experiment

He also shares his favorite apps just to make it more fun!

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