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Priscilla is Down with CRC (Yeah You Know Me!)

A fortnight ago, Insights Association’s Corporate Research Conference (CRC) in Orlando brought together the best and brightest market research specialists from around the world.

At this premier event, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney, along with fellow podcasters Jamin Brazil (Happy Market Research Podcast), Sima Vasa (Data Gurus Podcast), and David Paull (Audible Insights Podcasts) hosted a one-day Insights Leadership Symposium. This is where you're all... "Four podcasters hosting an event?! That should have a catchy title!" Right you are. Something like “Podcastic Four?” Or how about “The Four Horsemen of the A-podcast-lypse?!” Great, we have that settled now. 

In this episode, Priscilla and Ashley LeBlanc get the straight scoop from fellow event speakers including:

Adrian Amrine - Lead Qualitative Researcher at Grubhub

Andy Storch - Talent Development Consultant, host of Talent Development Hotseat Podcast and The Andy Storch Show

Jennifer Reece - Global technology marketing expert at Microsoft

Katherine Ephlin - COO at Gongos

Maya Bourdeau - Founder and DEO at Attune LLC

Bonus: Check out an amazing blog by Julie Kurd, VP of Business Development at Chadwick Martin Bailey covering her takeaways from CRC!

A word from our sponsor:

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