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Priscilla Will Show You Her Tabuchi if You Show Her Yours: Thoughts on Brand Positioning Statements

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, and Dan Leadbetter as they discuss brand positioning statements. As companies step out into the market they seem to ask questions about how to position themselves, but as older companies morph over time they sometimes fail to come back to reviewing their brand positioning statement even as their company has completely changed and the people who they serve has changed. They grapple with the dilemma of how you figure out how you be totally true to the brand and WHERE a brand fits in the market. They discuss how the process truly help you understand who you BEST serve. They take an amazing digression into completely reviewing the Shoji Tabuchi Show playing in Branson, Missouri. Just for reference, Shoji Tabuchi is a Japanese American country music fiddler and singer who currently performs at his theater, The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, in Branson, Missouri. Go figure.

Original theme music by Chris Stewart.

As promised, Dan Leadbetter's Brand Positioning Statement: I'm Dan Leadbetter, a professional emcee who will ignite the social vibe at your next event. I bring spontaneous humor and engaging observations to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for your eventing. I kick corporate events up a notch with industry-specific humor. I also help causes struggling in obscurity deliver an effective fundraising event. I bring a fresh perspective to the issue that sparks conversation and ultimately compels the audience to open their wallets. Whether entertainment or infotainment, I am always a crowd pleaser.

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