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Priscilla's Top Three Technology Tools

Running a business is hard. Running four businesses is quadruple-y hard. In the olden days, people who ran four businesses were just tired and grouchy all the time, but with the advent of mechanized looms and subsequently the internet, things have changed. In this episode, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney dishes on the top 3 technological advancements that allow her to continue being a chill individual, whilst juggling a host of businesses and employees (not literal employee juggling, btw.)

Those three golden geese are:

  • Trello - A project management system to end all project management systems. Little Bird has been a big Trello enthusiast since the beginning, and with the development of our SOAR System, we created a proprietary Trello template to wrangle a plethora of tasks that would otherwise be unmanageable.
  • Lastpass - A password vault and generator that will literally free up brain space. Need more brainspace? Yeah you do! Stop lugging all those passwords around in your noggin so you can get more stuff done.
  • Rocketbook - A smart notebook, with real pages, that you really write in, and it magically sends your notes to all the places you need them. You know what the opposite of a smart notebook is? A dumb notebook. Don't use a dumb notebook. S/O to our esteemed clients and comrades, Fieldwork, for the heads up on this lifesaver.

What else? Oh, Leighton is in the booth too, providing all the Thomas the Tank Engine references you ever needed. What? You only need one? You're in luck!

OH YEAH! There's a giveaway too! Get your paws on a Rocketbook or maybe some sweet Beacons to jump-start your productivity!

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