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Shopper Insights for Inflationary Times with Anne Stephenson LIVE at IIeX

It comes as no surprise that recent conditions have ignited a scramble as companies seek to adapt to economic conditions and ever-changing consumer behaviors. Rapid inflation has driven consumers to become more critical of their spending – putting pressure on companies both big and small.

So, what can brands do to adapt and ensure the best shopper experience and most effective brand strategy moving forward?

"With inflation, brand loyalty is really being tested as far as where the breaking point is for consumers to decide to make a trade off. And while loyalty isn't completely out the window, brands really need to look at what they can do beyond price to manage and balance. " - Anne Stephenson

Ponderings from the Perch is LIVE from IIEX Austin with a familiar face, Anne Stephenson, Shopper Insights Expert and Founding Partner at Explorer Research. Anne sits down with Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, to discuss the future of retail in the face of the most significant inflationary increase in 40 years. They dive head-first into the different forces and factors that brands need to take into consideration when trying to navigate these unstable times and shopper behaviors. Tune in as they take critical look into how shopper insights can help brands navigate the future of retail.


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