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The Importance of Adaptability in Market Research with Roseanne Luth

There is always a risk of becoming obsolete when it comes to the market research industry or any industry for that matter. The truth is that things are constantly changing, and that includes consumer preferences and the shopper journey. Hence, the importance of being adaptable. And adaptability is a skill that Roseanne Luth is no stranger to.

A true representation of women in research, Priscilla is joined on the Perch by the founder and president of Luth Research, Roseanne Luth. Roseanne brings with her more than 45 years of industry experience to discuss the various shifts and research technology innovations her firm has implemented to provide businesses with specific consumer insights. They explore how Luth Research has navigated the evolution of market research and leveraged these changes as growth opportunities.

Tune in to hear how Roseanne and Luth Research have navigated and adapted to the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing market research world!

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