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Trends in Market Research Approaches with Tony Cheevers


What sets apart one research company from another? Each company will actually give you the same answer— quality. As Inigo Montoya says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” We’re going to have to second that motion, Montoya. It’s inconceivable!

Join Little Bird Momma Priscilla McKinney and Tony Cheevers, the Customer Success Officer with Researchscape International, as they dive into current trends and pet peeves when it comes to the world of market research. 

One of the biggest trends Cheevers points out is that market research can have an accessibility gap where buyers feel like their requesting data from a black box that magically appears from behind a Wizard of Oz curtain. As he says, “It's not really a tool that's accessible. So I'd like to see some disruption in that area to make something that's more available, more accessible and more affordable across a broader spectrum.” And that’s what Researchscape International set out to do by creating a digital storefront where you can’t buy cereal and eggs, but you can buy ten thousand answers from a specific population about dog food. 

Don’t buy the dog food— be the dog food.

This dynamic episode spurs a mindset shift. Now it the time to get curious. Approach everyone with empathy. The world will be a brighter place! As would the world of market research. This is something Priscilla McKinney draws to light, “we are interested in how other people are seeing things, and how we can be a part of understanding how someone perceives something.” At Little Bird Marketing, we are here to be curious, to listen, and to help find clarity.

Clients, big and small, come to market research companies because they have a problem they’re trying to solve. Consider how market research companies could be more in the “story business” instead of the “research business.” They are responsible for helping people “write stories that they're presenting to their owners, their constituents, their stakeholders, their members, and their prospects,” as Cheevers says. And these stories are backed by the cold-hard facts culled from the research, data, and statistics. 

There’s so much more to cover! Not tuning in would just be… inconceivable! 

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