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What it Means to Stay Curious in ResTech with Marc Hubbard

COVID-19 put the insights industry on an accelerated path to digitalization, much like every other industry impacted by the pandemic. Before COVID, the research industry relied heavily on in-person interviews—and they likely won’t go away—however, research has changed. 

The Research Technology industry, nicknamed ResTech, quickly identified the need for insights that were fast, scalable AND affordable. Now, high-quality data can be available in a matter of seconds, helping businesses make the right decisions at the right time. 

Joining Priscilla McKinney on the Perch is ResTech expert Marc Hubbard. Marc has 20 years of research experience from Analyst to Country Manager with various research firms and tech firms including Nielsen and Google. We told you he’s an expert, right? Living and working in the UK and US on domestic and international projects throughout his research career only elevates his status as a thought leader in the industry. 

Tune in to hear more about what “staying curious” means for businesses as new processes and technology propel the market research industry into the future. Priscilla is asking the important questions; Is ResTech all it's cracked up to be? Where is ResTech going? How can companies leverage it?

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