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Why Market Research Technology Requires Human Support with Shamsu Bhaidani


We've looked at it from all market research from all the different sides on the Ponderings from the Perch Podcast. Why is private equity interested? Why are people looking more to research technology to solve problems? How are people developing their teams in order to deal with technology? 

Join Little Bird Momma and CEO, Priscilla McKinney, as she chats with CEO and Founder of Hatch Tank, and VP of Qualitative Research at Numerator, Shamsu Bhaidani about the value of human support when it comes to market research technology.

With the push for better, cheaper and faster — and the word that we all have gotten sick of hearing: agile — teams were being asked to get more done with less. So what do they do? They turn to technology. Shamsu shared his observations, “​​What I see is that a lot of people get into using these platforms, do not necessarily use them to full capacity because they know what they know. They don't have time to explore more and take advantage of the different features and the different capabilities, and I just feel that the technology is underused.”

Specifically, Shamsu pointed out a shift in the last two years from clients wanting DIY to clients seeking DIT (Do It Together) technology. That is a collaboration. That is partnership. “That's where the human element comes in because everybody's good at what they do. You're good at doing your research. We're good at doing our technology,” as Shamsu says.

Human support eliminates a lot of stress around market research technology. It also boosts efficiency. It’s even better when the so-called human support is able to speak to you at a peer level rather than a provider level. Talk about a game-changer! Let’s reiterate: That’s a collaboration. That’s a partnership. That’s the power of real human support.

Ah, it’s always fun when two friends get together and talk shop! Catch the full conversation on the podcast with Priscilla and Shamsu!

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