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Collaboration is the New Competition (Video Podcast)

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Goodbye competition…Hello collaboration! 2020 has been full of learnings, but if we’ve benefited anything from this year, it’s this new mantra - “the only way forward is together.” 

In this video podcast, Momma Bird and CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney, is joined by Sarah Kotva of Fieldwork, Melanie Courtright of Insights Association and Lisa Wilding-Brown of InnovateMR. The group talks about leaving behind the mentality of scarcity and how doing good for more people - even your competitors - can work in your favor strategically. 

Each one of these insights powerhouses shares how they collaborate with colleagues outside their companies - sharing the pitfalls and benefits. 

Want to take part in moving your industry forward? Tune-in for collaboration tips. 


A bit about our guests:

Sarah Kotva, Vice President at Fieldwork

Sarah is a proud Fieldworker. Her day-to-day includes connecting the dots for clients and ensuring site visits and projects run smoothly across their 15-locations across the nation. Fieldwork is a company created by researchers for researchers with state-of-the-art focus group facilities, qualitative respondent recruitment, online qualitative platform for remote research and global project management services. 

Melanie Courtright, Chief Executive Officer at Insights Association

As CEO, Melanie leads the Insights Association, the leading voice, resource and network of the marketing research and data analytics community. The Insights Association helps its members create competitive advantage by investing in quality standards, legal and business advocacy, education, certification and direct support that enables its members to thrive in an evolving industry and drive business impact.

Lisa Wilding-Brown, Chief Research Officer at InnovateMR

Lisa is a motivated and personal business professional with 2 decades of experience developing research communities and panels. She has a talent for quickly mastering technology and innovative approaches which foster customer loyalty and retention. She routinely collaborates with industry organizations, competitors, and clients alike - all in pursuit to improve the industry and accelerate innovation for mutual benefit. 



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