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    Dialing into Market Research Personas with David Paull

    The market research industry is often striving to answer the question, “Who does my client best serve?” But do you know who your company best serves? In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and founder of Dialsmith and Lillian Labs, David Paull discuss why it is important for market research companies to develop an ideal client persona and stick to it.

    Dialsmith specializes in dial testing research and analysis. Its sister company, Lillian Labs, is a market research company that focuses on qualitative research. Both companies have used their well-defined personas to generate quality leads, grow existing business, and ultimately serve their clients in the best way possible. Need an example? These Lillian Labs personas demonstrate thoughtful persona creation at its finest (Carla, Davin and Naomi).

    Want to learn more about buyer personas? Check out our guide!

    Or if you're ready to build yours, you can download the template for free here:

    Curious about Pragmatic Marketing Framework for Product Research? Here’s Lillian Labs free resource.

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