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Flight Patterns with Fieldwork: Being a Valuable Resource Through Market Research with Sarah Kotva


A rising tide lifts all ships. When the going gets tough in business, it takes a special kind of leader to reach out in the spirit of collaboration, using creativity and action to forge a path forward. Sarah Kotva, Executive Partner and VP at Fieldwork is that kind of leader. 

Flight Patterns with Fieldwork is a special miniseries hosted by Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney to showcase a selection of leaders at Fieldwork, Inc., qualitative research recruitment and supporting service experts. Fieldwork’s ethos of sharing ideas, collaborating, and being a resource for the market research industry was put to the test when the pandemic caused a series of global closures and restrictions on in-person research. They responded by becoming a knowledgeable resource and advocate for the entire industry. 

Sarah Kotva began working with Fieldwork as a project manager in 2000, and has risen through the ranks to become Vice President. Her long tenure is notable, but also indicative of the loyalty and opportunity for growth that is pervasive in all of Fieldwork’s research venue locations. To help unify their efforts, Fieldwork initiated a campaign around #facetofacemrx, an effort that has kept clients, employees, and competitors in the industry in the know about ever-evolving safety concerns, restrictions, and creative solutions to perpetuate growth in difficult times. Through this, and their other efforts, they have become a hub of understanding for the qualitative insights industry. 

Sarah and Priscilla discuss the importance of in-person research for providing insights that cannot be easily replicated - tactile responses, nonverbal communication, full-sensory research, and the ability to capture in-the-moment glimmers of client and respondent wisdom. Sarah highlights Fieldwork’s adaptability in these times, and their ability to crowdsource solutions that allowed them to roll with the punches (there were many punches!), and stresses the importance of communication. 

In addition to Fieldwork’s nation-wide base of high end focus group facilities, they offer an entire suite of research-related services. Priscilla describes them as “the concierge desk of the MR industry,” with an innate understanding of hospitality, service, and thoughtful design. 

The two also discuss the commitment to help others - a claim boasted by nearly every company that often falls far down on priority lists. Fieldwork's commitment to #AlwaysBeHelping is evident in their longstanding contributions to Women In Research and their recent partnership with the Market Research Education Foundations Race Around the World for Education


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