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Flight Patterns with Fieldwork: Staying True to the Fieldwork Mission with Crystal Majik

Lord of the Rings. The Godfather. BACK TO THE FUTURE. Who doesn't love a good trilogy? 

In the third episode of Flight Patterns with Fieldwork, CEO and Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks with Fieldwork Webwork/Fieldwork Anywhere President Crystal Majik about the past, present and future of research.

Crystal started with Fieldwork in 1998 and has worked in the Denver, Schaumburg and Network offices. Fieldwork was already doing virtual qualitative research long before the pandemic, but the sudden global shift pushed online capabilities to the forefront. Crystal discusses the shared priorities between online and in-person research - which effectively culminates in adequately preparing respondents and moderators for a successful research experience. This shift, like most, is subject to additional levels of complication when tech enters the fray. 

"You can't expect somebody to show up 5 minutes before a scheduled interview and participate through technology they've never used before and be at ease with it," Crystal says. 

By focusing on the people and sharing their expertise, Fieldwork was able to adapt and meet the needs of critical and time-sensitive medical and pharmaceutical research, juries and legal research, and product research in a time of great need. The quick adaptation that was so evident during this time wasn't a fluke. Crystal says the Fieldwork team thrives on innovation and adaptability, and that their facilities act as a blank slate for maximum flexibility. 

"It's really about brainstorming what the best solution is for you. Whatever you're looking for, we want to try to help that. We spend a lot of time researching what's available - what are those tools we need in our toolbox to help execute the research that our clients are doing?"

Crystal says she envisions a future that utilizes the best parts of online research and in-person in an integrated fashion. She and Priscilla also discuss the return of conferences, matching cowboy boots and Fieldwork's support of Women In Research.

HEY YOU. If this is the first episode you're hearing of Flight Patterns with Fieldwork, we strongly encourage you to complete the trilogy:

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