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Flight Patterns with Fieldwork: Preparing for the Next Thing with Aryn O’Donnell

Flight Patterns with Fieldwork continues! In this episode, Little Bird CEO and Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and Fieldwork’s Vice President of Corporate Services Aryn O’Donnell discuss how Fieldwork cultivates and nurtures relationships with clients.

Fieldwork is famous for its research venues - this is no surprise, because their facilities are 1. gorgeously and meticulously designed for in-person research, and 2. prominently located in most major cities across the US. Undeniably, that's a pretty solid foundation, but it only scrapes the surface of what Fieldwork actually does.

Through the earliest and scariest days of pandemic shutdowns, Fieldwork was able to rely on their decade-plus experience in online research to continue meeting client and respondent needs. When safety permitted a return to in-person research, Fieldwork not only led the charge, but also acted as a megaphone for the industry, sharing developments to strengthen face-to-face market research for everyone, including their competitors. 

If you're noticing a recurring theme of proactivity, that's no coincidence. Whether they are developing areas of specialization like UX research, mock juries, and a recently renovated Boston medical SIM Center, or refining new methods of recruitment that allow for more inclusivity, Aryn says one of Fieldwork's superpowers is adaptability and a willingness to seek out the next big thing. 

Aryn believes that the ability of Fieldwork to navigate all of these changes is because of its people. The team wants to celebrate each other and celebrate each other’s wins. “How we treat each other internally is how we treat our clients externally.”

Priscilla and Aryn also discuss a shared podcast addiction, Aryn's yoga teaching certification, the intricacies of respondent validation processes, and Pat, the mannequin who lives in the Boston sim center.  

If you haven't already listened to Flight Patterns with Fieldwork episode 1 with Sarah Kotva, you should get on that immediately!

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