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    Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Brin Moore

    The WIRe miniseries has been nothing short of inspiring. In the final episode of this series, Priscilla interviews Brin Moore. In addition to being a partner at Trusted Talent, where she helps market research firms find the right talent for the right jobs, Brin has been an integral part of WIRe in San Francisco, heading up the biannual events in the Golden City.

    In this episode, the two talk about the best parts of WIRe, the importance of local networking and the changing landscape of executive recruiting in conjunction with the market research and consumer insights industry:

    “There’s a tremendous amount of talent out there. And there are amazing opportunities out there. The marketplace is just teeming with opportunities. And people are being very, very picky about what they want - they’re looking for the right fit. Both on the client side and the researcher. They’re looking for the right culture fit, lifestyle fit, and expertise fit. They’re being very diligent about, ‘What is the position, what is it that you want us to do, and is it really a good fit for me?’ Which is really exciting, because people are putting a lot of thought into where they’re going next.”

    Want to know more about WIRe? Click here for information about becoming a member for free!

    For previous episodes in this series, check out our iTunes, website or blog.

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