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    Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Katrina Noelle

    What does it mean to be in the front seat of a female-driven market research company? In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla interviews Katrina Noelle of KNow Research and Scoot Insights.

    “We landed on ‘female-driven’ because that is who is behind the wheel of our team. It’s come out of a personal history, for me, of endorsing and supporting women in the research industry because that’s how I’ve ended up where I am.”

    Katrina Noelle is a self-proclaimed “time-zone agnostic” and president of KNow Research. For over 15 years, KNow Research has been designing custom qualitative research design for clients by combining methodologies from traditional in-person research with online and mobile approaches. To serve even more qualitative research needs, Katrina co-founded Scoot Insights, an agile qualitative methodology provider.

    To describe her companies, Katrina regularly uses the terms “boots on the ground” and “front lines.” Why? Because her team does it all. From meeting with clients to collecting actual data, Katrina has excelled in building a team of people passionate about research and storytelling.

    As a WIRexec member, Katrina has attended the WIRexec Summit for two years. “This year I was really able to set some goals of things I want to accomplish in the next year. I used the time to figure out how I’m going to achieve those goals alongside people who are doing the same thing.” For more insights on women in leadership, the future of the market research industry and learning to “be present,” listen to the episode!

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