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Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Kristin Luck

Welcome to Flock Stars! These bite-size episodes feature the movers and shakers in marketing, advertising, and surrounding industries. Our first season is all about Women In Research and each minisode will feature an inspiring woman who attended the 2018 WIRexec Leadership Summit. In this first episode, Priscilla McKinney interviews Kristin LuckPonderings from the Perch vet, supporter of women and Founder of WIRe.

“There’s so much direction in what we need to change to be successful, versus really stepping into understanding what our strengths are as women and as business leaders.”

Kristin is a serial entrepreneur and a globetrotting, internationally recognized keynote speaker on marketing measurement. She’s a futurist and growth hacking expert, specializing in nontraditional marketing, and branding strategies. In 2007, Kristin was inspired to start WIRe after connecting with 50 women in the market research industry over drinks. Since that first cocktail mixer, WIRe has grown to become a global not-for-profit organization with 24 events worldwide in 2018.

WIRe is completely free to join. Kristin explains, “We don’t want a membership fee to be a barrier to folks to having access to our programming and services.” Want to know more about WIRE? Click here for more information about becoming a WIRE member.

To celebrate the badass women featured in this miniseries, we’re hosting a badass giveaway. Click here to enter!

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