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How to Fight Complacency and Be Vigilant! with Len Herstein

Does your company or team (marketing, sales or dodgeball) take part in the crucial practice of briefing and debriefing? If not, please see the definition of “crucial” and then continue reading to learn how to Be Vigilant! 

Many companies have undergone major changes due to recent global events, this we all know, but what we often don’t consider is if these blindside adjustments were due to an issue rooted far deeper in strategy and day-to-day operations. Enter, complacency. 

com·​pla·​cen·​cy | \ kəm-ˈplā-sᵊn(t)-sē, noun: self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies

“If you ask most people in business, whether they debrief things today, most likely they'll say yes, but most people do it when things go wrong and it becomes a blame game. What we don't do, a lot of the time, is self-reflection. Debrief when things are going right. The reality is that so much of complacency is bred in success.” 

- Len Herstein, Author of Be Vigilant!

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney brings in Len Herstein, author of Be Vigilant!, for a productive and insightful chat on how continued innovation drives top companies (we’re talking Netflix here) to lead the pack in their industry. Tune in as Len combines his 30+ years of business with his recent ventures in law enforcement to find the keys to brand marketing and lasting company success. 

In his book, Be Vigilant!, Len combines all his experiences to provide a detailed roadmap for individuals and organizations to stop complacency, improve performance, and safeguard the success they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Check it out here!

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