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    MR Leadership Week: Anne Brown of Gazelle Global

    Anne Brown is an experienced market research professional and serial entrepreneur. As founding partner in Gazelle Global Research she leads a global team with international data collection, data processing and total fieldwork management. She knows market research in multiple time zones, continents and languages. 

    She's no stranger to change. In this episode her experience and practical knowledge shines through. She's built a global team who quickly were able to respond to the Coronavirus threats, but she speaks candidly about what happened with so many projects in the field when it felt as if a light switch was flipped in global market research. 

    Anne gives her thoughts about what it will be like to "restart" in waves. She candidly discusses the new realities facing many MR firms as they regroup with a "new normal." Her team is keeping an eye on changes and total layoffs. As her team provides a menu of services to augment research teams she anticipates requests for more services and a change in how MR firms will bid for work in the near future. 

    Anne Brown is a PRC certified member of the Insights Association and a longtime member of ESOMAR, WIRe, AMA, PMRG, WBENC and WBE.

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