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    MR Leadership Week: Robert Gray of Paradigm Sample

    Robert Gray is co-founder and COO of Paradigm Sample. His superpowers are operation strategy and world-class client services. In this episode he elaborates on how Paradigm Sample is meeting this pandemic head on and moving forward. From internal promotions to far-reaching collaborations from within the industry, he celebrates the human side of insights and data collection. 

    Check out this quote from Robert about service:

    “The biggest thing that anybody can do, especially in operations, is realize that providing world-class service is actually a journey. It is not a destination. So, a company’s ability to be agile, flexible, committed to solving the issues for their clients is really critical. Sample prices obviously are more competitive, so you’re talking about that pricing component. As a result of that, we have to focus even moreso on quality and service at those competitive sample prices.”

    Don't miss this episode to get a solid dose of human insight, hope and optimism. ALSO watch out for Katie Egge as she may emerge as the Paradigm Sample Cookoff Champion!

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