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MR Leadership Week: Ryan Barry of Zappi

Ryan Barry leads Zappi's global commercial function overseeing its sales, partnerships, marketing, and client service functions and serves as a member of the firm's executive leadership team. He is well know in the market research industry 

Want to talk about Boston teams and have a beer? Ryan's your guy. 

Want to talk about effective sales enablement? Ryan's your guy. 

Interested in leaving behind industry jargon to really talk about what insights could look like in 2, 3, or 5 years? Still, Ryan's your guy. 

He talks about the state of Zappi as they moved into this new Coronavirus reality and how he sees a way forward. He's a part of a dynamic leadership team of Zappi, navigating tricky times with almost 200 employees globally. As a lean start up turned scalable success he is very familiar with life on the edge. This, he believes, probably prepared him better than he could have known for leadership during this global pandemic. 

In this episode Ryan really pulls back the curtain to reveal the realities of leadership and acknowledge how hard it can be to still deal with the fear of failure or imposter syndrome, just like everyone else and yet still manage to step up and lead. He is powered by a strong ethos of leaving behind ego to truly understand things from others' perspectives. He talks about the lost art of listening to employees, customers and stakeholders and why it is so important to listen before speaking and brings some really great ideas to the table to keep teams engaged and connected. 

What's next for Zappi? One phrase will give you a hint, "Faster, Cheaper, Better." 


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