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MR Leadership Week: Sarah Kotva of Fieldwork, Inc.

If you're in the qualitative side of the MR business then you know the team at Fieldwork. They are friendly, helpful and definitely teach us all a thing or two about five-star hospitality. Whether they volunteer to check you in at Quirks, or sponsor Women in Research continued education and networking events, they always show up with a smile. With the advent of Coronavirus few segments of the industry were hit as hard as focus group facilities.

With that perspective, we talked with Sarah Kotva, VP and Partner at Fieldwork, Inc. about what has kept them focused and afloat as we all navigate these uncharted waters. 

Sarah is quick to point out that businesses have been operating in "the great unknown" over the past few months. Strengths that Fieldwork has displayed, she believes, have been in communication and adaptation. Fieldworkers pivoted both their internal communication and their client work (imagine rotating two mountains 90 degrees at the same time!) to virtual formats in order to continue addressing questions and moving work forward.

Through all that, they were able to flexibly and safely retain their high levels of productivity and togetherness.

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