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Not Another LinkedIn Training in Social Influence

Grab the balloons! Pop the champagne! It’s time for a mindset shift about LinkedIn, and it’s a FUN one. Long gone are the days when you viewed LinkedIn like it’s a ho-hum social media platform. It’s a fabulous cocktail party! And you’re invited!

CEO and Little Bird Momma Priscilla McKinney is here to help you make a vital mindset shift about LinkedIn. Get ready to take a BIG step toward building social influence in a way that is meaningful for your business goals and your career objectives. 

All too often, people engage with others on LinkedIn in a manner that is atrocious and completely inappropriate. How many times has someone sneakily tried to enter your LinkedIn life by hiding their intentions: “Hey’ I’m just trying to expand my network,” and then BAM! They’re moving in for a hardcore sale. That’s the equivalent of someone walking into a party and shouting from the door: “Hey! I’m over here! Who wants to sleep with me?”

When you consider LinkedIn a cocktail party, you can better spot and avoid faux pas, and make sure you’re handling yourself in a matter that makes you a beloved host (or guest!) that is a master conversationalist and the life of the party.

Being a master conversationalist at a cocktail party isn’t about talking about you, you, and more you. It’s about narrowcasting, not broadcasting. And about curating your conversation based on what the person you’re talking to might find interesting. Brushing up on something interesting, new, or novel about your area of expertise makes you all that more enjoyable to listen to.

Plus, it’s important to go into other people’s LinkedIn feeds and listen and get engaged with the conversation happening over there— laugh, ask questions, offer advice and tag people in the comments who you feel need to be brought into the conversation. A master conversationalist at the party knows you have to go from group to group to group to engage with different people. It’s not about standing in the center of the room and talking just about yourself.

This Ponderings from the Perch podcast episode features Little Bird Marketing’s master conversationalist herself - and she’s dropping dozens of unforgettable party favors - in the form of actionable insight and advice - like confetti! Tune in. Soak up the knowledge. Then, RVSP for the cocktail party!

We’ll see you there. 

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If you think you need a social media influence course… you do. Our 12-week Social Influence course will more than do the trick! We would also be happy, quite thrilled actually, to discuss what digital transformation could look like for your team! 

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