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    Priscilla and Ashley - 3 Website Metrics that Actually Matter

    Simply put: Your website matters. Like really matters. In a digital world, it’s where people meet you - it’s your first impression to your future customers. But before you type in your URL and start auditing your website’s appearance, let’s talk about the metrics you should be tracking to evaluate performance. 

    In digital marketing, data is how we track progress and make informed decisions. From determining your marketing budget to the details of your next campaign, your marketing metrics guide the way to success. Having a deep understanding of where you truly are and where you want to be will dictate how you get there. Looking at your metrics and insights provides deep insights into what is working and what isn’t. 

    Why is tracking numbers important? Here’s a truth bomb: Numbers don’t lie. It’s actually the opposite – they uncover truth. We don’t track numbers for the sake of numbers. Metrics are valuable, but only as valuable as the action they inspire. Often organizations blindly measure industry-recognized metrics and then become paralyzed on what should happen next and how to turn those metrics into trackable KPIs.

    In this episode, Momma Bird/CEO Priscilla McKinney and Executive Director Ashley Le Blanc share their top 3 picks for WHICH metrics you should be focused on.



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