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Priscilla and Ashley Talk Turkey, Robots and Blogging

“To blog or not to blog?” A question you’ve probably asked yourself a time or two as a business owner. So what’s the answer? In this episode of the Little Bird Marketing company podcast, Momma Bird - Priscilla McKinney and Content Marketing Specialist - Ashley Le Blanc explore the benefits and complexity of blogging.

“Blogging - it's been around for a while now and seems like it might just be something that anyone can do, but we're here to say, maybe not everyone should be doing it, and if you are doing it, maybe you should have a strategy.”

Here’s the reality - the internet is exploding with content. There are millions of articles posted daily and you can't beat it by posting more. That's right— there's no point in adding clutter. To see ROI on your blogs, you need to focus on the quality of your content and how well you’re answering the questions of your ideal customer.

“This is a bigger question than just writing words that go on your website. It's about reaching your ideal client. Not just any client, not just any customer, but your ideal customer.”

Tune-in for more blogging insights, including:

Best practices for word count, keyword usage and social promotion
Current stats, numbers and trends
How to and why you should work with robots
Targeting your ideal customer

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