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The Best Blogging Tips for Non-Writers


Struggling to write quality content to drive revenue?
Hate staring at a blank page knowing you need to just get on with it?
Know what it takes to write compelling content? 

Curious what the pros know that keeps them producing on quality blogs? 

Once upon a time, our CEO and Momma Bird and host of this podcast, Priscilla McKinney used to write every blog that left Little Bird Marketing. That is not scalable. We talk to a lot of companies having scaling problems. Probably at your company you have bandwidth issues when it comes to getting content out the door. And we know it’s not just about good quality writing, but you have to think strategically for SEO ranking and still carry the brand voice throughout all you do. 

We get it. It’s hard. 

We can create your content for you, but in this episode Ashley Le Blanc and Priscilla discuss key considerations for success if you still want to try your hand at blogging. We work hard to bring you relevant marketing hacks as often as possible. But in this episode we offer 4 tips for quality blog writing are specifically for those who don’t consider themselves blog writers. 

  1. Don’t write anything until you’re clear about your intended audience. 
  2. Include links to top performing web pages (including your own!).
  3. Concise content wins. Also, bullet points are your friend. 
  4. Find tech that fills in your skills gap. 

Feel free to reference Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and David Byrne as often as we like to. But no matter what you reference stay true to yourself, your brand and your strategy. Also, remember that we, the peeps, believe in you! 

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