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Priscilla and Ashley Went to ESOMAR and All I Got Was This Amazing Podcast!

Oh, Canada. Priscilla and Ashley are back from the 2022 ESOMAR Congress in Toronto. In between attending sessions and networking events, the duo connected with colleagues to record their takeaways from the conference. Tune in to the episode to hear from thought leaders in the market research industry.

This episode features:

Pravin Shekar of ESOMAR

Aryn O'Donnell of Fieldwork

Anne Stephenson of Explorer Research

Crispin Beale of Behaviorally, Insight250 and mTab

Horst Feldhaeuser of Infotools

Chris Martin of FlexMR

Michaela Gascon of KJT Group


Do you know what “lies” behind your data? When the truthfulness of respondents is in question, the entire survey process is compromised. At CloudResearch, we’re exposing the hard truth about online survey fraud. 

Join us in an Insights Association webinar that pulls back the curtain to reveal shocking, never-before-seen footage from actual fraudulent click farms. You’ll see fraud as it truly happens with your own eyes, and learn how Sentry stops fraudsters in their tracks.

Join us, November 3, 2022. Stay tuned for how to register.

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