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    Priscilla and Carliz Sotelo Moore Flip Their Wigs

    One entrepreneur started a marketing company, and loves wigs. The other started a wig company, and loves marketing.

    Put them together, and what do you get? This episode of Ponderings from the Perch!

    Listen in as Priscilla chats with Carliz Sotelo Moore, founder of wigs.com - the largest online hair and wig retailer in the world!

    They discuss a wide array of topics including:

    • Employee buy-in and the importance of making a positive impact

    • Growth of the non-need based wig industry

    • The important role that content plays in creating value for customers

    • How power of invested influencers who love to share

    • How to facilitate the best feedback from customers and use it to shape the future

    They also talk about the magical powers of wigs, meeting Raquel Welch, and making awesome videos. Check out the whole episode, and be sure to follow wigs.com on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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