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Priscilla and Jamin Brazil Show How the Sausage Gets Made

Blasting out of the gate with a Baader-Meinhof phenom moment, Priscilla and Jamin Brazil hit the ground running in this episode of Ponderings from the Perch.

Jamin, CEO of Happy Market Research podcast discusses his early love of market research methodology that led him to found Decipher, a market research software company, eventually selling the product to and becoming CEO of FocusVision.

Brazil currently wears many hats, but the art of podcasting is top among his discussion points. Priscilla and Jamin talk about the craft of storytelling, the singularity of passive consumption, and their upcoming presentations at IIeX Austin:

Jamin’s Presentation: 3 Ways You Can Leverage The Power of Podcasts

Priscilla’s Masterclass: Effective Content Strategies for Being Heard Above the Noise

Other topics of conversation included upcoming tech, incremental improvement, and why it’s okay to stop worrying about older, potentially embarrassing podcast episodes and embrace them as artifacts of progress.

Badass recommendations from this episode

Jamin’s favorite recent podcast is with his mentor, Merrill Dubrow

A podcast Jamin and Priscilla both love: Sima Vasa’s Data Gurus

Priscilla’s mobile podcast rig includes a Zoom H4N Field Recorder and a pair of MOVO lapel mics (for if things get dicey!)

Jamin’s re-reading the book Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely

This episode is jam-packed with goodness. Want to hear more shows like this? Let us know by subscribing, rating and reviewing Ponderings from the Perch on iTunes.

About our sponsor: IIeX North America cometh on April 23-25 in beautiful Austin, TX! Brought to you by GreenBook, this event is all about new ideas, new approaches and new connections in market research and insights. Join the brightest and boldest minds in market research, all under one roof. Register with promo code LITTLEBIRD to save 20%! 

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This show certainly gave us lots to ponder!

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