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    Priscilla and Josh Haynam Ask the Million Dollar Question


    Our notion of online quizzes is largely limited to ideas like, “Which Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean Are You?” or “How Would You Die in an Agatha Christie Novel?” However, Josh Haynam, cofounder of Interact is proving that quizzes have a lot more to offer in terms of lead generation. 

    Interact helps businesses (like Eventbrite, Forbes, American Red Cross, and Marie Forleo) build beautiful and engaging quizzes. Those quizzes are founded on the principle of curating helpful interactions with potential clients. Haynam, also a former Ponderings podcast guest, shares his ideas of the best quiz structures: Quizzes that provide the most helpful information to the right audience, based on their own participation. Priscilla and Josh discuss the creation process, customization of outcomes, and implementation strategies that work best. Haynam believes that one of the format’s main benefits is the genuineness of connection, which presents a positive shift to the consumer insights industry. 

    “I think we’ve really moved into a phase of human-to-human connection, and actually trying to be helpful with products and services,” he says. 

    As a bonus, Priscilla also tests Josh with the Little Bird Thought Leadership quiz! Listen to the episode to find out what type of thought leader he is! Oh, and then take the quiz yourself!

    New Call-to-actionPS - this is the 200th episode of Ponderings from the Perch. We’ll be at your house in 25 minutes with some confetti!



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