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Priscilla and Lucy Davison in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe

Priscilla “Momma Bird” McKinney and Lucy “Colonel Mustard” Davison keep it real in this episode of Ponderings from the Perch! Lucy is founder and president of Keen as Mustard Marketing, and she talks with Priscilla about Insights Marketing Day 2020, B2B marketing intricacies, mustard (of course) and Women in Research.


Hold that thought for a second, though. 

FIRST, you must know that Insights Marketing Day London is fast approaching - like, January 30 fast. If you haven’t jumped on that yet, now’s a really good time. SECOND, you must know that Keen as Mustard Marketing is to Insights Marketing Day UK as Little Bird Marketing is to Insights Marketing Day US. 

So to recap - Priscilla and Lucy both have badass superhero names, they’re both founders and presidents of content-driven marketing firms, and they both support Greenbook in the production of Insights Marketing Day. Consequently this podcast is reminiscent in a multivers-esque way of watching Captain America and Thor trade off Mjölnir and smash an army of bad guys. Okay.

Listen to the whole thing to learn more about the balance between brand building and sales activation for B2B, the role of thought leadership in marketing and some superb BBC podcasts (Fortunately, and The Missing Crypto Queen).



From our sponsors:

Insights Marketing Day London is fast approaching! This a one-day event, packed full of industry-leading speakers will be held on January 30, 2020. Visit insights-marketing.org and use code PERCH at checkout for 20% off your ticket price. Do. Not. Miss.


In partnership with GreenBook, we're excited to host and award one podcast in the insights industry the title and glory of MR Podcast of the Year.

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The winner will be announced on on April 15th at GreenBook's IIeX NA in Austin, TX.

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