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    Priscilla and Matt Koenig Hack into the Mainframe

    Grappling hooks? Check. Ski masks? Affirmative. Lookout van in the parking lot? Yep! Get ready, because in this episode, Priscilla and Matt Koenig, Owner and Chief Developer at MK Web Development, are hacking into the mainframe of web development knowledge. In this heretofore uncompromised maximum security vault of information, questions are everywhere, and answers are like unto shadows. 

    Priscilla and Matt get straight to the heart of things, answering tough questions like:

    Why the heck is my site so slow? What questions should I ask of a hosting service? What plugins should I be running on my Wordpress site? nd more!

    Matt offers practical and helpful advice on database optimization, firewalls, backups, and image size, and Priscilla recounts the tale of the mysteriously windy website. 

    Resource links:

    Google page insights
    GT Metrics
    Smush, Imagefy, Shortpixel - are WP plugins that downsize too big photos 

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