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    Priscilla and Rana el Kaliouby Live at IIeX Behavior 2020

    This episode was originally a live podcast, broadcast during IIeX Behavior 2020 by Greenbook on July 22. In this episode, host Priscilla McKinney talks with Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, and author of Girl Decoded. As a pioneer in artificial intelligence, Kaliouby’s personal mission is in humanizing technology. 

    She and Priscilla discuss the trajectory of societal empathy, programming emotional intelligence, and the importance of equatibility in AI algorithms. About equatibility, Kaliouby says:

    “The more diverse the brains are around the table who are designing and deploying these technologies, the more likely it is going to work for all of us.”

    Check out the full episode for an in-depth, relevant look at the complex state of technology and research.

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