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Priscilla Discusses Changemakers with Tim Hughes: Accelerate Your Pipeline with Social Media

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, as she chats with Tim Hughes, co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates and author of best-selling book, Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers. They discuss a new mindset for social selling and effective ways to get fast responses selling by using social. The transformation he offers is not just about Social Selling, but providing a complete new way of working for sales and marketing teams. He also elaborates on the difference between buyers and changemakers.

The book is relevant because of the reality that the digital landscape has changed buyers' habits. It is also increasingly difficult to reach them early enough in their decision-making processes. Additionally, developing relationships with decision makers through social networks has become a critical skill for the modern selling professional.

Tim discusses how he was getting tired about the narrative surrounding social in relation to lead generation and practical sales growth. Over time, he felt the discussion about social selling had gone backwards. Once the first excitement wore off for some people, they left social media without really understanding what a powerful tool it is when used correctly. He offers expertise around these pressing questions:

How do you increase your influence online?

How do you stop wasting time online?

How do you successfully build a community online?

How do you develop a system to use technology to your advantage and shorten the sales cycle?

How do you identify changemakers and deal with them successfully?

In this episode you not only get great advice about proper use of social media for business, but you'll discover where to get a proper drink in London as well. Suffice to say, they both recommend lunch at The Savoy.

You can hear Priscilla's thought before she left for London where she and Tim met on our episode called Priscilla Goes to London Town.

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