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    Priscilla Goes Nomad with Paul Kortman

    Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, as she chats with Paul Kortman, Digital Marketer, SEO expert, and lead nomad of the Kortman family. He and his wife take Priscilla's favorite motto of "carve out the life you want to live" very seriously. He weaves expert marketing advice in with tails from the road on this episode.  

    As a self-proclaimed certified nerd he originally worked at an agency where he couldn't keep his mouth shut, saying they were doing SEO and PPC wrong. Ultimately, he built a successful internal digital advertising department within that agency and happily trained someone to take his place. 

    Now he is the owner of Connex Social, a Digital Marketing agency specializing in increasing conversions and increasing quality traffic. Day in and day out, Paul accomplishes business objectives through solid strategy and on time tactics every time. He's living the freelancer dream and continues to work remotely while his family is totally engaged in this location-independent lifestyle. He and is wife paved the way for families who want this freelance and roaming life while maintaining a healthy focus kids and family connectivity. 

    Paul gives us a bit of the behind-the-scenes look at how he has morphed his company over time. He tells the story of productizing their business and building the new machination of their brand at Connex Digital Marketing. In the end, he is an entrepreneur and gives insight about the nuts and bolt of what actually works in PPC and SEO. He doesn't leave us without sharing a few actionable marketing and Facebook advertising tips, and mentions some of his favorite tools for getting business done remotely. 

    You can read more about this semi-nomadic life their fun and adventurous blog Nomad Together. As travel hackers of sorts, they offer their insights and experience with mastermind groups as well. Check out their podcast here. 

    It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you'll reach Paul Kortman here. 

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