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    Priscilla has an A-ha Moment with Ahava Liebtag

    Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, as she interviews Ahava Liebtag of Aha Media Group. They discuss Priscilla's favorite topic, the "stunning discomfort of entrepreneurship". The hard work and passion for great writing is still driving both of them to lead creative teams. 

    In terms of content that responds to the current needs of clients, Ahava talks about how consumers are actually zigging and zagging throughout their thought their interactions with brands. Because of the multiple ways people interact with content, she underlines the importance of starting with the end in mind before ever writing a word. Her group builds the user experience using layers of multiple questions because consumers don't interact with content in a linear fashion. They laugh about the notion that people are rational and simply plan accordingly. 

    Ahava shares her entrepreneurial story about how she started the now powerful Aha Media Group. This boutique content consultancy delivers marketing strategy and digital communications solutions including web writing and content development. 

    Original theme music by the illustrious Leighton Cordell.

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