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Priscilla Introduces You to Brett Baker. You're Welcome.

Join Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, as she talks with Brett Baker of Trustpoint Management. As her sales coach, he has brought infinite wisdom and deep personal growth at a critical time in her entrepreneurial journey. They talk about bringing your sales process in alignment with your values and how to respect yourself and others when faced with other personalities and methods for making decisions. They discuss the worst podcast episode ever http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/513/129-cars in which the traditional sales management approach literally makes your skin crawl.

Brett's Sandler training is imperative to understanding why sales people chase their own tails and how you can cut through the bull and actually have real conversations you can count as a pipeline. They also discuss voicemail jail and email jail and why people insist on engaging in behaviors that don't help them meet their goals. If you are looking for solid, traditional, old-school sales training you should definitely steer clear of Brett Baker at Trustpoint Management. His fresh approach is welcome at Little Bird Marketing. His website is http://www.trustpoint.sandler.com/ and check him out on LinkedIn.

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