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    Priscilla Spins a Web - a World Wide Web

    Join Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing, as she talks with Dan Leadbetter trends in website builds. The discuss what Priscilla is hearing from clients about their websites and how she challenges clients about their perception of their website. Even for clients who are not actually selling products, a website is a tool. They discuss their biggest frustrations with websites that don't work, and especially those that don't work on your phone. She also is amazed by how many business owners don't even look at their own website and think critically about how it can be a tool to advance their business goals. She gets transparent about the changes they have made to the Little Bird Marketing website and how content marketing, lead generation, and sales automation can be accomplished with an amazing website, coupled with a dynamic content marketing strategy. As with everything in marketing, Priscilla forces the client to come back to the WHY for building a website. They also discuss typical mistakes people make in website design.

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