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Social Media Strategies to Leverage for Success

'Tis the season to see your local Girl Scouts posted up at your favorite grocery store. It only makes sense to talk about cookies in this episode — well, maybe not those types of cookies (though a Little Bird Marketing fan favorite is Thin Mints... in the freezer). Priscilla McKinney and Ashley LeBlanc are back on the Perch to give you 3 strategies to leverage for success on social media. 

With the advent of cookies, the marketing world shifted. But not like "getting comfy on the couch" shifted, more like "San Andreas fault line" shifted. And behold — targeted ads that work, and are arguably better on both ends. With Google phasing out cookies by 2023, what does the future of advertising look like? What do we, as marketers, stand to lose? What do we stand to gain? 

Call it a strategy or simply a business practice, either way, corporate social responsibility has rooted itself into every industry. Should you be leveraging CSR into a social media strategy? Yes. Why? You'll just have to tune it to find out. 

Leveraging micro-influencers in B2B marketing is revolutionary, but who qualifies as a micro-influencer? Employees? Customers? People trust each other considerably more than they trust brands or social media algorithms. You don't want to miss out on this easy, exponential value of leveraging micro-influencers for success.

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