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WTF about Market Research with Dan Foreman


This show certainly gave us lots to ponder!

Join CEO and Little Bird Momma, Priscilla McKinney, and the Former President of ESOMAR and Chair of the Board at Zappi, Dan Foreman, as they unpack a laundry list of questions about WTF is going on with market research right now.

They start by pondering the big questions: Why are market researchers, albeit jokingly, bad at business? Are they really bad at business or are they just focused on their work? Do they simply lack the vernacular to have their point of view heard? Do they understand HOW their work is used for revenue or brand impact? Are they looking to solve their boss’s boss’s problem? 

As Dan says, “Data is the new oil. Data is what people carry around in their heads and their hearts and their guts.” When you’re advising brands, governments, foundations, and people to make huge decisions based on the data, you get to see these incredible impact stories. Yet, the market research industry doesn’t effectively communicate that to the board rooms, the c-suite, or to the public at large. As Dan says, “we have a small voice that mostly takes to ourselves.” This is a huge industry problem. And, on the podcast, Dan and Priscilla stir up some ideas for how to move through that. 

Additionally, Dan also breaks down the anatomy of a private equity deal and we discuss the recent peak in interest from VC and private equity in the market research space.

Ultimately, Priscilla and Dan decided that they have broken through the difficulty and solved the conundrum of the market research world. Yes, you heard it all here on Ponderings from the Perch.

Don’t let the fun stop here.

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Leigh Caldwell of Irrational Agency

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