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    Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Nancy Hernon

    Nancy Hernon has been with WIRe since the beginning, thanks to her friend and colleague Kristin Luck. “We never had a forum to come together in one place and she gave us that platform.” In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla interviews Nancy Hernon, Chief Executive Officer of G3 Translate.

    With over two decades of experience in the field, Nancy provides a global voice to clients across several industries. Working with major corporations, Nancy has launched new projects and websites and overseen translations for qualitative and quantitative marketing research, technical copy, advertising and legal content.

    For her, WIRe is a place to connect with like-minded, business-driven women. Starting as a member of WIRe, Nancy has now attended the WIRexec Leadership Summit multiple times. “I just love the way that Kristin has structured it– to make it about the head and the heart, the business and the personal. It’s so different from any industry event I’ve ever been to.”

    This episode is sponsored by our friends at GreenBook. Through their blog, leading market research directory and other publications, GreenBook connects marketers and insights professionals with people, information and ideas that generate better business results. Whether you’re looking for a focus group facility or just want to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving insights industry, GreenBook is the resource for you. Check out all they have to offer at: greenbook.org.


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