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How Neuroscience Enhances Behavioral Psychology with Hunter Thurman

So the story goes, a neuroscientist and an insights strategist walk into a bar. Well, that's not exactly how it went, but the interaction resulted in a unique collaboration with the goal of helping brands better understand human behavior using neuroscience.

Priscilla is joined on the Perch by a good friend and colleague, Hunter Thurman, to discuss the behavioral psychology behind consumer behavior. Hunter is the founder and president of Alpha-Diver – the unique insights consultancy leveraging neuroscience to model, measure, explain and predict consumer behavior. He’s the author of the innovation book, Brand Be Nimble, and has been in the insights and strategy industry for over 20 years.

Tune in to learn how leveraging neuroscience can provide deeper consumer insights and discover what it truly means to be "consumer-centric". Priscilla even gets Hunter to offer up his best tips and insights into the process of writing your own book.


Hunter's book, Brand be Nimble ushers in a new era of brand innovation! You can grab your own copy here!


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