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    Marketing for the Insights Industry with Jenn Vogel of Voxpopme

    Insights and marketing professionals are under a lot of pressure. 

    Mmm num ba de

    Dum bum ba be

    Doo buh dum ba beh beh

    How quickly can that campaign get out? How quickly can you generate more leads? Increase revenue! Optimize your team!

    Um ba ba be

    Um ba ba be

    De day da

    Ee day da, that's okay

    Jenn Vogel, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Voxpopme joins us with more than ten years of market research experience, providing knowledge on the ins and outs of corporate researchers. Jenn and Priscilla are discussing initiatives, tricky situations in marketing and emerging challenges for marketing for the insights industry in this episode of Ponderings from the Perch. 


    This is ourselves under pressure. 


    In this episode, you’ll find insights into quantitative versus qualitative research AND Banana Dancing! Yes. Banana Dancing. By the time you've finished this podcast, you’ll be fully equipped to Cut through the noise and better understand marketing for the insights industry.

    While you’re here — check out the Viddys, Voxpopme's Customer Excellence Awards!

    The Voxpopme team internally nominates their customers who are driving the industry forward, fostering innovation and approaching empathy in an exceptional way. Finalists for the Viddys were just announced for all of the different award categories. You can find them here!

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