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    Priscilla and Chris Dayley are Extremely Disruptive

    Pretty much every business owner - either brick and mortar or online - understands that increased traffic doesn’t always equate to increased sales. In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla talks with Chris Dayley, a neuromarketer and A/B testing wizard with Disruptive Advertising, about the differences between search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.

    Dayley’s small testing and optimization startup, Dayley Conversion merged with Disruptive Advertising in 2016. He and Priscilla dive deep into the importance of asking the right questions, the differences between small and large business, and approaching potential clients with a mentality of abundance.

    Bonus! Chris has put together a free A/B testing starter guide featuring recommended tools, first tests to try, and case studies that is available here!

    Connect with Chris on Twitter, LinkedIn or Disruptive Advertising.

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