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Priscilla and Sima Vasa on Tech, Podcasting, and Armadillo Racing

The last time Sima Vasa was on the podcast, it was for the Flock Stars WIRe miniseries. In this episode, she and Priscilla discuss how founding Infinity Squared Ventures allowed her to combine her knowledge of research with her entrepreneurial experience to help entrepreneurs scale for growth or for sale:

“Taking the emotion out of things and really looking at financials objectively, and saying, ‘okay, if I peel back the layers here, I have to be realistic in what I think I can sell this company for based on the financial story.’ And also historical, like - look, if you have a growth rate that’s amazingly, consistently, year over year just knocking it out of the park, I mean, there’s nuances to every scenario. But that’s kind of the base piece I think is really important for people to understand. I think the second thing is, If you’re going to exit, or even if you’re going to raise money, that management team has to be strong. Whenever you put money in, you want to know that there’s a team behind it that’s committed to executing against goals. And whether that’s a merger where you have an earnout, or if you’re actually just raising money to accelerate growth, that management team is so crucial.”

Sima will chair the upcoming Samplecon, a conference that brings together and celebrates the different parts of the data collection ecosystem. She says the event will have speakers on topics like blockchain and gamification, debates, and armadillo racing (yes, you read that).

Like Priscilla, Sima is also a podcast host (Data Gurus Podcast), and she and Priscilla share their favorite things about podcasting as well as catching up on favorite books, podcasts and apps.

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