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Priscilla Reviews Lifestyle Blogging with Kyle Drenon: Content Strategies for In-house Marketing Teams

Want to know what makes a blog successful? Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing as she chats with Kyle Drenon, Director of Marketing at Murney Associates in Springfield, MO. After attending Mozcon 4 years ago, he details his slightly-Jerry Maguire story about how he came back to his job ready to take his company's marketing a new direction. 

Find out what happened next to bring this man, this myth, this Springfield, MO lifestyle guru to leading a small but mighty team making real estate fun again. “Our strategy on content creation is to sell more than just a house; we’re selling a community, too.” From this concept came a fresh batch of blogs people actually want to read. “We felt like we were uniquely qualified to speak about that because we’re in those communities every day. It was a natural fit to start writing a lifestyle blog about Springfield and the surrounding areas.”

In this podcast they tackle not only strategy and tips for good content, but they also talk about the process needed to keep a team inspired and organized.

They also discuss:

Repurposing content
Creative brainstorming
Types of content pieces
Social distribution strategies 
Killing your babies (how to let a piece go that just isn't working out)
Reviewing your stats
Why Kyle loves wearing a robe

Check out this most excellent article they reference: 26 Things Only People who Lived in Springfield in the 90s Will Remember


In parting, we leave you with this: 

“How’d we come up with the robe? Was some guy just like, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we make a coat out of a towel? You can have a little belt that goes around. You could dunk the belt in the toilet! Have a toilet belt.’”

-Jim Gaffigan

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