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Priscilla Gets Emotional With Paul Conner: Lessons from a Specialized Market Researcher

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing as she interviews Paul Connor of Emotive Analytics. Group. Together they consider the deeper human feelings behind our actions and how market research can handle measuring these emotional associations. This podcast is a great follow-up to Priscilla Looks at Consumer Relationships with Brands, where Priscilla and Dan discussed these sometimes hidden forces that compel us toward or against a brand. In this episode, Paul reveals how marketers can measure this qualitative reaction, quantitatively. 

A consumer researcher since 1982, Paul founded Emotive Analytics in 2004 after seeing that traditional consumer research was lacking a component to reveal WHY people do what they do. These deeply sub-conscious or even non-conscious emotional dynamics need to be understood to deliver the whole truth of insights about brands and their products or services. 

Paul used psychology and neuroscience to assess the role of emotions in our processing of preference, dislike, and a myriad of other reactions as we make seconds in microseconds. Emotive Analytics' proprietary DIY program, IEPro You, helps companies measure a variety of explicit and implicit responses to enhance market research efforts. 

Paul is a prolific blogger and has been published in Quirk's QRCA News, NMSBA's Insights, and Marketing News. He is a frequent speaker in the industry and will be speaking again at IlexNA, this year in Atlanta on June 13th. 

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